3 Tips to Choosing Fresh Fruits and Veggies

by Chef Samantha

pears and apples
Have you ever started a new diet or set in motion a resolution to be healthier and seen your money go up in flames because your fruit and veggie basket rotted before you got a chance to eat it? It’s discouraging right? We spend time and money at the grocery store trying to do the right thing and we end up paying for it in a few days with stinky, fuzzy, slimy, green produce. Well here are a few easy tips to make sure you keep on track to fitting in your new dress or lowering your cholesterol. Continue reading


Grocery Store vs. Doctors Office

By Chef Samantha

This week, I had to do a little cleaning up – overdue spring cleaning of my apartment, my computer and my office.  Actually, I am still working on the apartment and office part, but I did straighten my computer out and back everything up.  This gave me a chance to go over so many old documents I had created in the past.  Of all the papers, pictures and other files I found, the best were my papers from college at The CIA – in particular, my food ecology essays.  This forward-thinking class was directed by one of my favorite professors, a short gray-haired man with an incredibly mischievous laugh who loved to stir up edgy debates of politics, religion and ethics (all basically taboo conversation topics piled in one class) all centered around food.  Until I took this class, never in my wildest dreams did I think food could have such a dark and evil side. Continue reading