1. How much are your events and services?  We list the base price on the website under the services detail packet section.  This is a base reference for our customers because all events are customized to your needs and priced accordingly.
  2. Do you offer catering?  We offer personal chef services to groups of individuals up to 30 people. This allows our guests to learn about food and cooking in an enjoyable and interactive way.
  3. What is corporate team building?  Corporate team building allows a group of colleagues to grow closer together and improve team dynamics in an interactive, non-work related setting.  This establishes positive team dynamics and relationships to promote synergy in the workplace.
  4. How far in advance do I need to book an event?  Booking an event is based on Savory Celebration’s availability.  We prefer you book at least two weeks in advance, however last minute events will be considered.
  5. Do you provide services only in Houston?  All requests for services will be considered regardless of geographic location.  Any services outside of the Houston area will be considered, but additional costs may apply.
  6. Are the chefs on staff professionally trained?  Yes, all chefs on staff are professionally trained, holding advanced degrees in the culinary arts as well as extensive industry experience.
  7. What do you provide for your events? Every event varies depending on the needs of our clients.  All of our events include food, staff, recipe guides, and equipment needed for the event.  We also provide concierge services for venue rental, equipment rental, and beverage services.*Personal chef clients will be responsible for providing groceries for services*
  8. How do you take payment?  In order to secure the date and time for your event we require a 50% deposit and signed contract, which can be paid for by cash, check or major credit card.

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